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New club offers gameday incentives

Amanda Sams

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The SGA passed a Resolution 17-10 approving the expenditure of funds to boost the start of the High Tide Club. For a $10 membership fee, participants will receive an express stadium entrance pass, a T-shirt, free food, scholarship opportunities and various discounts at local venues. The resolution passed at an emergency meeting during the SGA’s annual retreat at Camp Tuscoba on Aug. 20-22.

The Club, which was founded in response to increased student enrollment at the University and a need to fill the upper deck of the new south end zone expansion, will allow more students to come to home games, Sens. Sophie Santos and Ryan Flamerich said in the legislation. Wait times will also be shortened.

“The express gate offered to the Club members will give students the ability to get in the game more quickly and bypass long waits,” SGA Deputy Chief of Staff Peyton Falkenburg said.

Senators said they were glad to take time out of their retreat weekend to make sure there was funding allocated for the purchase of T-shirts for each member who joins.

“It didn’t bother me at all that we took time out to vote on this resolution,” said, Ebony Smith, a senior and a senator for the College of Arts and Sciences. “It’s all part of the job to make this campus better for students. I think the High Tide Club will definitely make going to football games easier with no long lines. It is a win-win for everyone involved.”

The Senate retreat began with a game, followed by brainstorming sessions for the upcoming year.

“Senate retreat is an opportunity for senators to get to know one another better, but more importantly, it’s an opportunity for vital training that is crucial for a successful senate year,” Executive Vice President Nicole Bohannon said.

The senate session at Camp Tuscoba was arranged solely to pass High Tide Club funding, and each member has individual mission statements about how they’d like to have impacted the campus at the end of his or her term, said David Simpson, a junior and a senator for the College of Arts and Sciences.

“The whole SGA wants to work within our specific colleges to get students more engaged, as with Meet Your Senator Day coming up this week,” he said.

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New club offers gameday incentives