CMF award winners to take Hollywood

CMF award winners to take Hollywood

Kevin Pabst, a student at the University, acts in Campus MovieFest film “Syzygy,” a thriller written and directed by University student Tanner Robbins. Photo Courtesy of Tanner Robbins

Laura Testino

Campus MovieFest returned to the University on Jan. 20 and culminated with a finale in the Ferguson Theater on Jan. 29. The top 16 student films were awarded as Campus Finalists and were shown to an audience. After screening the short films, CMF distributed additional awards, including the Jury Award to the top four films. Jury Award Winners will compete for overall awards at CMF Hollywood, where the Jury Award-winning films from the University and other college campuses will be shown. Check out a few of the big winners from the competition.

“Traces” – Jury Award Winner

Photo Courtesy of Michael Thomas

In this drama, written and directed by film captain Michael Thomas, the audience follows a young boy named Alex as he meanders through the wreckage of a storm after being separated from his sister. He finds trinkets along the way and as he picks each item up, the audience meets the item’s owner. The collage of smaller stories culminates with Alex finding the most important piece of all.

“Syzygy” – Jury Award Winner

Photo Courtesy of Tanner Robbins

Written and directed by film captain Tanner Robbins, this thriller features a young boy who is faced with choosing between acceptance and his own morals. The stakes are high and the boy’s road toward his final decision dead-ends with an intense sacrifice.

“The Fragrance for Hugh” – Jury Award Winner

Photo Courtesy of Halley Tarpley

This comedic peek into the creation of a television advertisement for “Hugh” fragrances juxtaposes the cool demeanor of a female model with her less-clued-in male counterpart. The dialogue, written by director and film captain Hallie Tarpley, plays with the pronunciations of “Hugh” and “you,” paralleling the classic “Who’s on First?” comedic routine by Abbott and Costello.

“Stolen Moments” – Jury Award Winner

Photo Courtesy of Richard Giles

This science-fiction film written and directed by film captain Richard Giles follows the protagonist as she travels back in time to an accident that occurred 30 years earlier. The accident is shown once at the beginning of the film and again at the end, allowing the audience to develop their own opinions and questions about time travel’s role in this set of events.

GTA Nominee: Actor – Joseph Hasemeyer, “Keeping It Gnar”

Photo Courtesy of Bryce Denton

“Keeping It Gnar” follows skateboarder Titus Mcgee, played by Joseph Hasemeyer, as he prepares for the upcoming skate competition against his greatest opponent. Mcgee is accompanied by his closest friends and most loyal fans while training for the “Skate or Die” competition in this mockumentary submitted by film captain Bryce Denton.

GTA Nominee: Actress – Hallie Tarpley, “Stolen Moments”

Photo Courtesy of Richard Giles

Hallie Tarpley plays a mother who is involved in a car accident that plagues her conscience for the next 30 years. She chooses to travel back in time and must weigh the positive possibilities of altering the past against the potential destructive repercussions it may cause in this science-fiction film submitted by film captain Richard Giles.