Students showcase films at Black Warrior Film Festival

Mackenzie Lyng

“Filmmaking is hard work, and I rely on a great team of crew and actors to help bring the vision to life,” Robbins said.

As a winner of CMF’s Jury Award, Robbins will have the opportunity to attend CMF’s Hollywood Student Film Summit. With more than 1,000 student filmmakers from 60 college campuses, Robins will participate in professional film workshops, networking and 
industry advising.

“It is incredible how this opportunity will affect my future,” Robbins said. “Being a part of CMF’s Hollywood Film summit will expand my network of contacts, enhance my industry experience and help me grow creatively as a director.”

As this year’s winner of the Warrior Award, “Syzygy,” will screen at the third annual Black Warrior Film Festival. The festival will exhibit works from other student filmmakers, including Florida State University student Jamie Rice. As a second-year filmmaker, Rice said 
returning to BWFF fueled her growth 
as a filmmaker.

“My BWFF experience last year was very exciting because it was the first film festival I was a part of,” Rice said. “This year is different because I’ve had a whole year of education to grow as a filmmaker.”

In her film, “Earning Jenny,” Rice documents the experience of underprivileged students at Camp Jenny. Rice, who worked with Camp Jenny for seven years, said she hopes her film will raise awareness and support for organizations that encourage students to become leaders and contributing members of their community.

“This documentary is very personal to me,” Rice said. “I want raise awareness about this program and how programs like Camp Jenny can truly help shape 
kids’ futures.”

In addition to Rice visiting campus, Ava Lowrey, a graduate student at Duke University, will present her documentary short, “Fred: The Town Dog.” As a first-year participant in BWFF, Lowrey said she plans to network with other young 
Southern filmmakers.

“Every film festival is special to me,” Lowrey said. “BWFF will allow me to connect with other student filmmakers and share my voice within the Southern 
filmmaker community.”

A native of Alabama, Lowrey said she drew cinematic inspiration from her Southern roots.

“After attending NYU for my undergraduate degree, I found myself missing Alabama and wanted to bring a piece of the South to the screen,” she said. “Through my film, I hope people discover the hidden treasures across Alabama and appreciate the beauty within.”