Current students can apply for the Honors College


CW | Shelby Akin

Kyarra Harris

Whether one wants to be in the Honors College or not is typically a decision made before entering freshmen year of college. For some students, however, applying for Honors is a decision made when they’re already currently enrolled. Some may wonder if this is too late.

“When considering applying for the Honors College, students should simply ask themselves if they are looking for an enhanced intellectual environment,” said Susan Dendy, coordinator in recruitment and student engagement. “In the Honors College, students are surrounded by the best and brightest students and faculty from across the globe.”

Dendy said there are only benefits to joining the honors college, especially the bond built between students.

“We want to provide a smaller school feel where students can have a well-rounded college experience,” Dendy said. “Our students tailgate together, host open mic nights, town halls and debate watching parties. There is always something going on with our Honors students. Also, our students are given full priority for class registration. A student should not have to take any extra classes to graduate with Honors distinction.”

For current students, the requirements to get into honors are a bit different than incoming freshmen. A minimum 3.3 GPA and at least 12 hours of UA coursework are required. Luke McCann, coordinator of student engagement, said these requirements could be beneficial to those who may not have met the ACT/SAT requirements when enrolling in UA. He also said students don’t want to make their decisions too late.

“It’s a little more difficult to join as a junior, but it’s possible,” McCann said. “A required 18 hours of honors courses must be taken so what gets more difficult is that students’ schedules begin to get more stringent those last couple of years.”

Even so, students who meet all the requirements are guaranteed a spot in the college.

“At this point, we do not cap enrollment for the Honors College,” Dendy said. “Therefore, any student who meets our parameters and completes the Honors College application will be accepted.”