Feminist Caucus to host informative fair


Lindsay Macher, Media and Publicity Coordinator, and Cassidy Ellis, Organization Coordinator, hold posters in support of feminism.  Photo courtesy of Ben Ray

Patrick Smith

The University of Alabama Feminist Caucus will host “Find Your Feminism” on Wednesday, September 16 from 6:00-7:30 p.m. in room 3107/300 in the Ferguson Student Center.

The event will resemble a fair through the use of tables that will serve as different “feminist stations.”

“This is for all feminists and those who are curious about feminism,” said Lindsay Macher, media and publicity coordinator for UAFC. “It will provide a close-up look at not only the different principles in feminism, but how to become an activist and what each individual can start doing.”

Some examples of what will be featured at the different stations are letter-writing in support of Planned Parenthood and the ERA, thank you letters to the staff at the West Alabama Women’s Center, a table for photos featuring feminist statements, a creativity center and a voter-commitment centered table, according to Macher.

The UAFC aims to show students how to get involved in the movement through lobbying, letter-writing and petitioning to the use of different media.

“It is not always easy to transfer beliefs into advocacy because people are often left with the question of what to do,” Macher said. “To find one’s feminism is to find where they can find their place within the advocacy, in consideration of their own abilities and identities.”

When asked why these types of events are important, Macher said that it’s because they provide a safe space for those who wish to be involved in the feminist movement.

“This is especially important because the term “feminism” is often taboo and polarizing,” she said. “By providing a feminist atmosphere for those interested, we not only cater to students’ interests, we form a stronger group of advocates to push for justice for marginalized groups.”