Letter from the editor: An apology

Sean Landry

The Crimson White recently published a feature about Lillian Roth, a candidate for SGA president, both in print and online, as part of our traditional coverage of the SGA executive races. This depiction of Roth, relying on descriptions of her physical appearance, dress and personal relationships, is unfair, incomplete, and borderline (if not outright) sexist. We apologize unreservedly for the report, which did not mention Roth’s experience or political platform, a gross oversight in light of the coverage extended to Patrick Fitzgerald and Caroline Morrison.

This story should not have been published. It was only published through a failure of our editorial system. When questions about the story’s content were raised by members of the editorial board, they were unfortunately ignored by those directly overseeing publication.

The story has been removed from our website. The other candidate profiles have been removed in fairness to Roth and her campaign.

Ultimate responsibility for everything published by this organization lies with me, and this story was no different. This failure is mine, and mine alone. I apologize to Lillian Roth and her staff, to the staff of The Crimson White, and most importantly to our readers. We will do better.

Yours sincerely,

Sean Landry


The Crimson White