'No hard feelings': Dispatches from Caroline Morrison's campaign


Layton Dudley

Caroline Morrison calls Patrick Fitzgerald after hearing of their mutual loss to Lillian Roth on March 1, 2016. CW | Layton Dudley

Arielle Lipan

“No hard feelings.”

SGA presidential candidate Caroline Morrison called fellow independent candidate Patrick Fitzgerald after receiving the news of both of their losses on Tuesday night.

“It’s not over,” she said to Fitzgerald. “We still have to continue to empower people to run. That’s our biggest role in all of it anyways, not a position.”

The campaign heard the news through Twitter, quickly corroborated with an email from Kelli Knox-Hall. After reading off the final results, Morrison thanked her team for everything they did.

“Well, thank y’all for everything,” Morrison said. “I could not have asked for a better team to go through all this and not sleep for two weeks and show up in animal suits and hold signs. So thank you.”

Blair Martin, the communications director for the campaign was upset over the lack of a phone call from the Elections Board.

“Are they really not gonna call us?” she said, not for the first time.

Morrison, a junior majoring in economics and finance, sat with most of her campaign team for about an hour in John T. Oliver-Barnard Academic House talking about the results of the Super Tuesday primaries, tales of older days and personal astrology predictions while waiting on the results.

“I’m really proud of our campaign,” Morrison said after the results.

The group of about 20 people talked the entire night. When the news came down, a couple people were close to, if not in tears after receiving the news, and many declared their continued love for Morrison.

Morrison said she only holds high hopes for the new president.

“Congratulations, Lillian Roth,” she said. “I know she’ll do a really great job. I’m excited to see the impact she has on this campus, and I’m proud of her being the first female SGA president in several years.”