University launches new “Ride Amigos” ride-sharing program

Camille Studebaker

As a means of facilitating better transportation for students traveling to campus, The University of Alabama created a new program called Ride Amigos that allows students to compare different commute options. According to the Crimson Ride’s website, “Ride Amigos is a ride share program that allows students of The University of Alabama to connect and utilize carpool opportunities among their fellow classmates.”

The service is designed to help students view carpool opportunities and offers the simplest, cheapest and fastest transportation option from any given location.

To use the program, students must make an account on Once registered, students type in their point of origin and desired destination. Ride Amigos then computes all of the transportation options for the student’s intended route and displays the results. The program shows students estimated times for Crimson Ride, driving, walking or biking. Ride Amigos also allows students to view an available Crimson Ride route already headed to their desired location.

If the student user plans to drive, Ride Amigos allows the student to utilize a carpool feature to sync up with other university students headed to the same place. If the student user is on a bike, Ride Amigos includes bike paths on the student’s route.

The program allows students to log their previous trips and participate in future programs and contests. It even includes an events tab displaying any upcoming events in the area that students might wish to travel to.

Ride Amigos encourages students to edit their profile how they please and share their previous trips with fellow commuters.

More information can be found on the Crimson Ride’s website,, which includes helpful tutorial videos for students interested in Ride Amigos.