University locating students studying abroad in London


Mike Finnegan

Twenty-five UA students are in the London area, and according to The University of Alabama, most are accounted for, but some have yet to respond. There was an attack outside of Parliament yesterday, which is now being treated by officials as an act of terrorism.

The attack began when a car containing two individuals ran over pedestrians crossing Westminster Bridge and collided into a fence bordering the grounds of Parliament. One of the men exited the vehicle, ran past a group of guards and stabbed a police officer to death. The assailant was fatally shot in the immediate aftermath. 

As of now, the toll of the attack stands at four deaths and 20 injured.

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May led a meeting in response to the crisis later that day, with the London police force and other government agencies currently investigating the attack.

The attack in London now joins a recent trend seen in Nice, France last July and the attack on the Christmas market in Berlin this past December in which the terrorist utilized a vehicle to harm pedestrians.

“We’ve seen a gradual movement away from terrorist attacks on the West to attacks on softer and softer targets with more improvised weapons,” former State Department official Jeremy Shapiro said to The New York Times.