Students split on appeal of Thursday gameday

Jennie Kushner

Students expressed mixed emotions over the Crimson Tide football team’s first Thursday night home game in recent memory.

While the town of Tuscaloosa carried on with the typical Thursday, students at the Capstone carried on with the typical gameday traditions.

Justin Boykin, a junior majoring in journalism, said the weekday gameday gave him something to do during the week.

“It freed up my weekend to do other things,” he said.  “It kind of gave me the feeling of a four day weekend because Tuscaloosa Saturdays revolve around football, it gave people something else to think about.

Boykin enjoyed the Thursday game because of the seating.

“The game was a sleeper but it was cool because it wasn’t one of the games you had to get there four hours early to get a good seat,” Boykin said.

Jep Hill, a senior majoring in accounting, said the Thursday gameday atmosphere wasn’t as enjoyable.

“I prefer the games to be on Saturdays because it is much easier to enjoy the atmosphere, but I understand why they chose to schedule in on Thursday,” Hill said. “The barn is coming and the team needs to be ready,” he said.

Elizabeth Lowder, a senior majoring in advertising, missed the typical gameday atmosphere.

“I was very excited to have a Thursday night game, but I was a little disappointed because it didn’t feel like the traditional gamedays I am used to,” she said.

Elizabeth Hamilton, a senior majoring in musical theatre, said she disliked the school schedule.

“I didn’t like having the game on Thursday because I had to wake up and go to class the next day,” she said.

Robert Fender, a senior majoring in accounting, said he enjoyed the peculiarity of the weekday gameday.

“I liked it because it was cool to have a Thursday night game while we were in school since they’re so rare here,” he said.

“I think classes should have been cancelled Friday too though,” he said.

Joseph Fender, a freshman majoring in business, thought the game was a good opportunity for Georgia State.

“I like the Thursday night game. It was a good chance for a team like Georgia State to get some national attention,” Joseph said.

“It also gives Alabama a few extra days to prepare for Auburn,” he said.

Tripp Pruitt, a senior majoring in public relations, said he missed the pregame hype of a typical gameday.

“I didn’t like it that much because I felt like it wasn’t the same pregame atmosphere that we have on Saturdays,” he said. “It was nice to have a short week of school.”