Violence in Charlotte

Rebecca Rakowitz

The fatal shooting of a black man by a police officer in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Tuesday afternoon led to violent protests.

“The police-involved shooting of an African-American man ignited a night of anger and violence that left 
windows smashed, stores looted, trucks set ablaze and 16 police officers 
wounded in the melee,” USA Today reported.

Keith Scott, 43, father of seven, was shot by African-American officer Brentley Vinson, who was not wearing a body camera.

Vinson was at an apartment complex searching for a suspect with an outstanding warrant when he saw Scott in his car. Scott, who was not the man they were looking for, supposedly then exited his vehicle with a gun.

Officers said they told Scott to drop his weapon, but that these commands were ignored.

Family members of Scott said he had been holding a book, but authorities said a gun was retrieved from the scene and that no books were found.

In a Facebook Live video, Scott’s daughter speculates that investigators planted a weapon in the car.

Compiled by Rebecca Rakowitz