University to hold career fairs


Last year’s General Interest & Business Career Fair at Coleman Coliseum allowed students to interact with contacts from several Fortune 500 Companies. CW File

Mike Finnegan

What: General Interest & Business Career Fair and Technical and Engineering Career Fair

Today, students across all majors are able to speak with companies that are looking to recruit students for both full-time positions and internships. Tomorrow, the career fair is centered on the more technical majors such as engineering, math, and other sciences.

Where: Coleman Coliseum. Parking at the event is not recommended. The Crimson and Crimson Express Routes make stops at the Coleman Coliseum.

Who: The University of Alabama Career Center is hosting 215 different employers in search of students eager for job placement after graduation or an internship.

When: Wednesday, Sept. 21 and Thursday, Sept. 22 from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

From the UA News Center, “Employers are recruiting for internships and full-time employment”, said Melinda King, executive director of the career center on campus. “We encourage freshmen to come as well and make connections. We advise that students not try to reach out to every employer, but instead do your research on the companies that you’re most interested in and let those be the ones you try to connect to.”

Tips from the Career Center:

  •  Dress business professional with minimal jewelry and scents, while having a name tag displayed on the right side of your body (to match the arm you reach out with to shake hands).
  • Research the companies you are interested in before you speak with them. This vastly improves your chance to impress the employer.
  • Have a small pitch that briefly lets the employer know who you are, what you are interested in, and why you are a valuable person for them to potentially hire.