Election results, ticket upgrade bill discussed during Senate meeting


Jackson Fuentes

It was announced during Thursday’s SGA Sentate meeting that four out of the five vacant senate seats were filled during the recent Senate election. The Speaker of the House acknowledged that the special election results were finalized at 2 p.m. on Oct. 12 and that the senators will be put into committees of the Speaker’s choosing next week.  Lastly, the Speaker also acknowledged the formation of an Environmental Affairs Committee in which Senators may volunteer for the remainder of the term.  

Following the Speaker’s opening announcements, the Senate broke into committees before discussing and voting on Resolution 08, which encourages athletic opportunity. The resolution was authored by Senator Chad Heatley and was passed after consideration.  

Heatley, a junior engineering major, said, the bill will change the penalty from two points to 1.75 points for upgrading [tickets], so that students can upgrade two tickets for the school year and still be able to still buy tickets for the next school year.

“This does not however affect the point for missing games,” Heatley said. “That still stays at two points for missing games, so if you miss two games you will still no longer be able to buy tickets for the next school year.” 

Order of Events:  

  1. Announcements made concerning the recent special election
  2. The Senate broke into committees
  3. Resolution R-08 encouraging the replacement of 2 points for the upgrade of a ticket with 1.75 points was passed