Delta Sigma Phi shuts down after violations

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Delta Sigma Phi shuts down after violations

Savannah Bullard

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The Tuscaloosa News first reported that the Beta Kappa chapter of Delta Sigma Phi will shut down for two years after violations found from the 2017-2018 academic year. 

The national headquarters and the University of Alabama issued a joint statement outlining the cause for suspension and a three-year rebuilding plan for the fraternity. 

The statement read: “Delta Sigma Phi … has been found responsible for multiple violations of policies, including those related to alcohol, risk management, and new member education. Additionally, the chapter has not fully complied with required sanctions.”

The chapter will close and be revoked of its charter by the national fraternity. The University will also cease to recognize the chapter on campus.

After the two-year suspension, the statement said Delta Sigma Phi, the University and the local Collegiate Chapter Advisory Board will take an extra year to focus on “rebuilding a high quality chapter.” During this time, no one will live in the Delta Sigma Phi house.

Some of the implementations that will take effect during the operations overhaul include writing new and active member education programs; expecting all members to earn and maintain a GPA at or above the average for UA male students; hiring a full-time house director that lives in the chapter house; and recruiting and maintaining a trained Collegiate Chapter Advisory Board, which primarily will consist of board members who are local to the Tuscaloosa area.

“We are confident that, through the collaborative efforts of the National Fraternity, the University and local alumni, a strong and vibrant chapter will return to campus,” the statement said.

The national fraternity and the University will reach out to members to explain and assist them through the rebuilding process.