Panhellenic Association elects councilors

Katherine Martin

The Alabama Panhellenic Association announced 11 new members who will serve on the Executive Council for 2011, said Olivia Hanceri, director of public relations for the organization.

The Alabama Panhellenic Association is the largest women’s organization on campus and the governing body of 17 sororities on campus, according to the group’s webpage.

The council was chosen through an application and interview process, Hanceri said.

“We are governing a constantly growing community, which provides us with ever-changing challenges,” she said. “Our goal as an executive council is to create a functioning relationship between the members of the Greek community, as well as create transparency within our community for the Tuscaloosa area as well as the University.”

Ashley Getwan, president of the executive council, said her job is to oversee roles and work closely with faculty and different organizations on campus and represent Panhellenic in those.

“I want to take a page from SGA’s book and be more transparent with our finances and keep people more aware with what’s going on so they can speak on it,” Getwan said.

Getwan said she would like to continue to work with the National Pan-Hellenic Council and its president, Teddy Phillips. Last year, both groups worked together for Greek Week and Homecoming.

As communications director, Hanceri said she hopes to increase communication with The Crimson White, The Tuscaloosa News and University media relations in order to decrease the barrier between the greek community and the University as a whole.

Erin O’Connor, director of judicial affairs, said she will work with UA Judicial Affairs to help with the progress of the judicial board. O’Connor said she also plans on making some revisions to the recruitment rules that will provide that recruitment sanctions involve community service.

“My goals are to provide the Judicial Board with an educational and enjoyable experience,” O’Connor said. “I plan to provide a safe environment for both potential new members and sorority members.”

Hallie Majure Phillips, assistant director of judicial affairs, helped select members of the judicial board that helps with fall recruitment.

“I am confident that we have selected a great group of women who will contribute to a successful and fair 2011 recruitment,” Phillips said.

Kat Gillan, assistant director of greek affairs, said they are very happy with the group of women who have been selected to serve on the Executive Council.

“We’ve got an excellent group of women who have all shown leadership prior to being a part of Panhellenic,” Gillian said.