SGA Senate confirms parliamentarian, amends pay scale


Hani Razavi was nominated and confirmed as parliamentarian with no objection. CW/ Joe Will Field

Jackson Fuentes, Contributing Writer

The SGA Senate voted to confirm a new parliamentarian, Hani Razavi, and amend an act to establish a pay scale in its first legislative session of the academic year on Aug. 30.

Razavi, a senior majoring in political science, was voted without objection and said he intends to keep each meeting orderly and answer legislative questions that should arise.

“You can often get really unruly when it’s any parliamentary meeting whenever things get out of line,” Razavi said. “It’s always good to have someone who knows the course of action and knows how things are supposed to go.”

Razavi said his nomination as parliamentarian came in large part from his experience in the First Year Council (FYC) and his connection with program assistant Stephanie Shamblin.

“She recommended me for the position,” Razavi said. “She knew that I was in FYC. She knew that I was a national parliamentarian for the Arnold Air Society.”

Speaker of the Senate, Talor Allen, a junior majoring in political science, said Razavi’s past experience makes him fit for the position.

“I think he’s going to bring a lot to Senate especially because he was parliamentarian during his time as a first-year counselor,” Allen said. “He is right in line with everything that he would be doing as parliamentarian.”

The Senate also passed an amended version of last year’s act to establish a pay scale. The amended version corrected an error which had failed to include the SGA treasurer, director of media relations and chief legislative officer. Each position will receive $75 per month for two months, according to the legislation.

Order of Events:

  1. Hani Razavi was nominated and confirmed as parliamentarian with no objection.
  2. Act A-32-18, an act to amend act A-31-18’s act to establish a pay scale, was passed by the Senate without objection.