Metal detectors installed in effort to boost stadium security


CW/ Hannah Saad

Kennedy Plieth, Contributing Writer

Bryant-Denny Stadium sported a new addition as fans celebrated the first home football game of the season Sept. 8. New walk-through metal detectors made their debut as fans made their way inside inside the stadium, an attempt to boost security on game day.

While some agree that the security upgrade is an improvement in safety, debate remains over whether or not the security upgrade could use some improvements. Some concerns arose from students who believed that the metal detectors delayed their entry time to the stadium and that the organization wasn’t foolproof.

“The line was incredibly long, and the time it took to get through the metal detectors just made people more irritable,” said Alex Brehm, a junior majoring in management information systems.

Abby Freeman, a sophomore majoring in music education, said the metal detectors slowed down the process of people entering the stadium.

“There were not organized lines,” Freeman said. “It was just a huge crowd of people.”

While some who had to go through the student entrances seemed dissatisfied with the new system, other fans in attendance said the process ran smoothly.

Carol Vallario, the mother of a UA student, said the lines did not cause a significant delay in fans entering the stadium.

“Getting through the metal detectors was a pretty painless process,” Vallario said. “The line moved quickly, there was plenty of staff and they gave good directions.” provides guidelines to help fans avoid overly long waits to enter the stadium. The gates open 30 minutes earlier than previous years to account for any potential delays the metal detectors may cause, meaning the gates will open two and a half hours before kickoff. To further speed up the entry process, fans should also adhere to the clear bag policy and only bring approved items.

Ralph Clayton, associate vice president for public safety at the University, said the first full deployment of the new security protocol at the stadium went well.

“We have been assessing things that went well and looking for opportunities to make the process better,” Clayton said. “We are working with Athletics to add additional readers at the student gate area but overall the times through the metal detectors were good. Like all fans, we encourage students to come early to help reduce congestion right before kickoff.”