Say yes to Sunday alcohol sales

Our View

Tomorrow, residents of Tuscaloosa will have the ability to vote on legalizing Sunday alcohol sales. In preparation, many students have registered to vote in Tuscaloosa. We encourage them to go to the polls and vote yes.

Perhaps the most compelling rationale for Sunday sales is simply, “Why not?” Alcohol is already sold for six days out of the week; any societal consequences that result from its consumption are already being felt. Legalizing Sunday sales only gives local business owners the option of selling alcohol on Sunday.

The additional economic activity from this change could be substantial. Good restaurants like P.F. Chang’s and respected hotel chains have refused to come to Tuscaloosa because of the prohibition on Sunday sales. They have invested their capital elsewhere as a result.

By voting to legalize Sunday sales, students are also voting to create jobs and bring enterprises to Tuscaloosa that will create a better quality of life for all of our citizens.

Most of the arguments against Sunday sales are religious. However, anyone with a religious objection to drinking on Sunday can abstain. Legal policy cannot revolve around private religious beliefs.

Tuscaloosa is the largest city in the state of Alabama that still prohibits Sunday sales. If students take an active role in supporting this referendum, we can join the state’s other major cities in allowing bars and restaurants to sell alcohol throughout the week. Sunday is a major day for alcohol sales; in much of the country, people go to bars and restaurants to watch NFL games. Unfortunately, Alabama students do not have that option.

If students are successful in getting out the vote and legalizing Sunday sales, we can establish a precedent for student involvement in local elections. Hopefully, students will continue to vote in the future in races for local offices, and local leaders will become more attentive to our needs and concerns as a student body. The vote to legalize Sunday sales could be a great first step towards taking a more active role in local politics.

Our View is the consensus of The Crimson White editorial board.