Hannah B. will be the best Bachelorette


Parker Grogan, Staff Columnist

The upcoming season of “The Bachelorette” will feature Hannah Brown, a Southern girl from right here in Tuscaloosa. Tuscaloosa is not only her hometown, but also her college town as she graduated from the University of Alabama in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in communication studies and a minor in public relations according to The Tuscaloosa News.

Some of you may have seen her on campus filming her introduction for the first episode, which is expected to air in May. Some of you also may have falsely assumed that the fireworks happening a few weeks ago for the Business School Centennial were for her, and several Snapchat stories have been posted of Hannah eating with Bachelorette host Chris Harrison at Tuscaloosa’s FIVE restaurant.

Known as the pageant queen rival of Caelynn Miller-Keyes in the most recent season of The Bachelor,” Hannah is now beginning her own journey to find love because of her popularity with the audience. Hannah B., or Alabama Hannah, as she has come to be known, will be the perfect woman to positively represent the University of Alabama, the South, and women as a group.

She is an independent and accomplished Southern Belle who is not afraid to brag on Alabama and all that this state and school offered her. She also is a good role model for young women, especially given her standards for relationships. Hannah explained in a People Magazine article that “the desire of [her] heart is to be loved so fearlessly by somebody. [She] will not allow [herself] not to feel chosen every single day. And [she’ll] wait ‘til whenever that is.”

Additionally, she has struggled with anxiety and depression, which she openly discusses with people. As many people are hesitant to talk about such topics, Hannah’s openness and approachability about what others would deem touchy subjects makes her the best candidate for this show. It also demonstrates the show’s ability to reach a bigger and more invested audience. Not only that, but as mentioned before, these qualities continue to set her up as a good role model for young women.

The show has not had many Southern bachelorettes and definitely not an Alabama graduate as a bachelorette, so the pressure is on for Hannah. However, she definitely displays herself as the best possible candidate for this role, and as a Southern pageant queen she adds a new dynamic to the show. While we hope the best for Hannah and know that she will represent us well, the ultimate question remains—will she actually find love?

The answer is probably no.

I hate to break it to all the romantics and reality TV lovers out there, but according to the Huffington Post, as of 2014, “The Bachelor” produced 18 seasons, of which only two marriages came about, and the “The Bachelorette” produced 10 seasons, of which only three marriages occurred. Thus, the statistics are not in Hannah’s favor. Still, we can only hope that her Southern hospitality, dynamic personality, and high-achieving spirit will charm her suitors and produce a marriage after the season’s finale.