Countdown tracks UA’s best athletes: 25 top performers to be highlighted in the next 25 issues of The CW

Jason Galloway

Everyone remembers when Mark Ingram won the Heisman Trophy.

They remember his 246-yard performance against South Carolina in 2009, Marcell Dareus’ less-than-graceful touchdown in the 2010 BCS National Championship Game and Julio Jones’s diving, one-handed touchdown grab in last year’s opener against San Jose State.

What most students don’t know is that their classmates also include a junior world-record holder in the 400-meter dash, a Hogan Award Finalist (the Heisman of college golf) and a women’s basketball player who leads the nation in double-doubles.

Over the remainder of the school year, The Crimson White will throw sport popularity out the window and count down the top 25 athletes on campus. The list was determined by accolades, stats and how well the athlete performs compared to others across the nation in his or her respective sport. Raw athletic ability will not be factored into the rankings.

If an athlete was part of his or her team during a season this school year, that athlete is eligible to be in the top 25. No. 25 is in today’s paper, and 25 issues later (in late April), The Crimson White will reveal the best athlete on campus.