Culture Pick | Normani shows off her wild side

Jolencia Jones, Contributing Writer

Recently, singer Normani stunned the internet with “Wild Side,” the lead single to her upcoming debut album. After two years of silence since her solo single, “Motivation,” she held nothing back with this groovy new R&B track. 

Normani was introduced to the world through the girl group Fifth Harmony, but since the group’s indefinite hiatus in 2018, she’s shown fans that she’s an unstoppable force. With eye-catching music videos, intricate choreography and energetic live performances, she’s made a name for herself outside of the group. 

Her new song samples the sultry beat of “One in a Million” by Aaliyah. Timbaland, the producer of Aaliyah’s song, shared his enjoyment of “Wild Side” in an Instagram video.

“Normani, I fool with this one, thank you,” he said. 

The song offers a feeling of nostalgia to listeners who love ‘90s R&B. During an interview on the “Zach Sang Show,” Normani said she wanted the song to make listeners feel the same way they felt listening to “One in a Million” while also recognizing her original spin. 

“I felt like the record was strong enough to be able to feel nostalgic but also feel like I have ownership over it,” she said. 

Along with the sentimental sample, the song includes a rap verse from Cardi B. With lighthearted, quotable punchlines, she raps effortlessly on the beat aligning with the sensual subject matter of the track. 

The “Wild Side” music video, which Tanu Muino directed, showcased a creative visual that takes viewers on an artistic journey with each verse. Each outfit Normani wears is distinctive. She opens the video in a revealing black bodysuit. One scene features her in a monochromatic red room with a stunning outfit to match. 

Sean Bankhead choreography captivated fans the most. The choreography during the second verse went viral on Twitter for its difficulty to emulate. One fan even said they were injured attempting to recreate it. 

This is not the only moment that captivated fans. Through the bridge of the song, Normani dances with the reflection of herself. As Cardi’s verse plays, the two bare it all to shock viewers. Then Normani closes out the video wearing all white to contrast how it all started. Viewers are drawn in from beginning to end. 

With a catchy chorus and striking video, Normani has been the topic of the week. Since the release of “Wild Side,” the song has garnered over 13 million views on YouTube and over 4 million streams on Spotify in its first week. 

And with her album coming soon, many hope that Normani showing her “wild side” is only the beginning.