UA to waive application fees Oct. 18-22

Isabel Hope, Assistant News Editor

The University of Alabama will waive application fees for prospective undergraduate and graduate students from Monday, Oct. 18, to Friday, Oct. 22. This applies to domestic and international students. 

According to UA News, Free App Week aims to “empower prospective students” by making it more financially accessible to apply to the University. 

It currently costs $40 to apply to the University. The average cost of a college application is $43 and the most common fee is $50. 

“UA continues to be a sought-after destination for talented undergraduate students,” said Dr. Matthew McLendon, associate vice president and executive director of enrollment management. “In fact, we just welcomed the largest first-year class in the history of the institution. Free App Week expands our reach and gives all students the opportunity to discover how UA can be a great fit for them.”

Those who want to apply during Free App Week must submit their contact information on the Office of Undergraduate Admissions’ Free App Week webpage. Applicants will then receive instructions to submit an undergraduate application for free. 

Free App Week also applies to graduate schools at the University. In order to maintain a graduate application waiver, students are required to sign up on the graduate school’s Free App Week page.

Applications and supporting documents, including unofficial transcripts, must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. CT on Oct. 22 to have the application fee waived.

International students may only apply for the summer and fall 2022 terms due to the time it takes to process international applications.

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