Minimester to begin soon

Katherine Martin

The Student Government Association’s Spring 2 initiative gives students the opportunity to take specific courses during a 10-week period this spring semester.

“The SGA started this initiative to enrich students’ academic experience and assist them in their registration process,” said Dorothy Griffith, SGA director of communications.

Many core classes, like EN 101, Math 100 and HY 101 are available and count for full academic credit, Griffith said. Classes begin on Feb. 13 and students can register until Feb. 17.

“The ‘minimester’ is a great way for students to pick up additional credit hours and is especially convenient because many classes are taken online around the students’ schedules,” said Clay Armentrout, VP of academic affairs. “The minimester ends at the same time as the regular semester – it’s just shorter.”

Spring 2 also helps those who have had to drop a class return to full-time status.

“We have received a lot of positive feedback about the program and are excited to help students in this way,” Griffith said.

Sarah Mustion, a junior majoring in public relations, took advantage of the Spring 2 option.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for students to catch up on credits during the semester,” Mustion said. “I really like being able to earn credits in just a few weeks and hope they will continue to implement the system.”

In order to register, log into myBama and click on the Spring 2 logo, which will lead to course listings.