The Crimson White

Nick Saban press conference 10/12/15

October 12, 2015

Nick Saban addresses the media after a 27-14 win over Arkansas to preview a Saturday matchup against undefeated Texas A&M.

Nick Saban press conference 10/05/15

Turner Spurlin

October 5, 2015

University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban recaps the UGA victory, previews the Arkansas game on Saturday, and berates the media for declaring the Crimson Tide's dynasty dead and gone.

Student Sound Off: Block Seating

Miranda Donato and Turner Spurlin

September 21, 2015

Students voice their opinions about seating arrangements for University of Alabama football games.

The Crimson White Concert Series presents Wisewater

September 10, 2015

Hailing from Nashville, musicians Kate Lee Gurnow and Forrest O'Connor make up the contemporary folk band, Wisewater. With Gurnow on the fiddle and O'Connor playing the mandolin or guitar, the band appeared several times this year at the Grand Ole Opry and more recently played in Tuscaloosa at the Green Bar.

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