The Crimson White

I hope the felons win

Alan Blinder

January 15, 2010

For an unfathomable reason, we in the media have drawn battle lines on how the political parties approach law and order issues. Republicans are allegedly the ones who will protect children from harm. Their campaign advertisements ac...

Coming clean

Our View

January 14, 2010

At 3:00 p.m. Monday, The Associated Press wire carried a statement from Mark McGwire, the one-time baseball star whose 1998 race against Sammy Sosa for the home run record brought out the best of American sports. So we though...

Dems shouldn’t rest on laurels

Jonathan Reed

January 14, 2010

There are two ways to lose. In our culture, one way is immortalized. The other is vilified. One way is to go down swinging. The idea of valor in defeat is everywhere in American culture. In “To Kill a Mockingbird,” Atticus F...

Winning attitudes: on, off field

Will Thomas

January 13, 2010

As some of you may be aware by this point in time, our football team had the opportunity during our winter break to go to Pasadena, Calif., and win the 13th national title in our school’s history. While it’s great that we w...

Bryce sale appropriate

Our View

January 13, 2010

On Dec. 30, the University got what it has wanted for some time: the 177 acres that make up the Bryce Hospital facility on the northeast corner of campus. The University will pay $60 million – $50 million of it in cash – ...

Security shouldn’t be only concern

Josh Veazey

January 13, 2010

How far are we willing to go to stop terrorism? If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the last presidency, it’s that we can’t simply hand the government a blank check. That sentiment is no less important because the pe...

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