The Crimson White

Higher education is essential and worth its state funding

Kyle Simpson

February 3, 2015

 At The University of Alabama, we are enjoying a period of growth and expansion that has never been seen in our school’s history. Since 2007, our student body has increased in size by about 10,000 to over 36,000, and over ...

Empathy and a moral education dictate opportunities for the future

Patrick Crowley

December 3, 2014

What is lost sometimes to each of us, including myself, in the doldrums of academics and the fun of social activities is that we, as students, are beyond lucky and fortunate to attend The University of Alabama. Our attendance her...

Big 10 is the most overrated conference

November 19, 2014

College football fans from around the nation often complain that the SEC is grossly overrated. The reality, though, is that the Big Ten is the most overrated conference in college football—which is saying something, consider...

College students should try to find more sleep

John David Thompson

October 20, 2014

With the heavy schedule that most students face today, there is little time left for sleep, especially good sleep. College students should be getting eight to nine hours of sleep per night. However, most students are only getting si...

Research professors before taking classes

Jackson Poe

September 10, 2014

“College is expensive and not going to class is an incredible waste of money.” Everyone has heard that, and students seem to be getting it more and more. This must continue in order for students and the University to conti...

Students should challenge their teachers

Joe Puchner

September 7, 2014

This weekend, tailgating tents lined the quad and students lined up to see the Crimson Tide take on their opponent inside Bryant-Denny Stadium. Sports were played and great merriment was made. But today, students return to cl...

Think about life after college before it arrives

Patrick Crowley

September 1, 2014

The cliché phrases abundant in life, while unexciting and lacking on the surface, quietly reveal great and potentially terrifying truths. The one cliché incessantly told to college students is that college is about discoveri...

Interdisciplinary education should extend beyond the classroom

John David Thompson

August 25, 2014

In college, students must focus their efforts and studies to one particular area of study. While that is great, you can miss out on learning many great things and challenging your brain. Creating an interdisciplinary approach t...

Invest in yourself and don't be afraid of mistakes

Carolyn Duke

August 24, 2014

Congratulations! If you are reading this you are either a part of The University of Alabama or you are my mom. Both of these are wonderful honors to have. For the freshmen reading this, I commend you on picking up The Crimson Whit...

You will be lonely, and that's OK

Chisolm Allenlundy

August 24, 2014

Freshmen, before you even stepped foot on this campus, you were done a great disservice. There is no need to blame anyone in particular, as this disservice is universal in our higher education system. Regardless, from the min...

UA professor studies lack of sleep in students

Maddy Ard

August 24, 2014

Scholarly all-nighters and long nights on the Strip may lead to long-term health problems, but work and school are more important to college students, according to a new study. Dr. Adam Knowlden, an assistant professor in The Univ...

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