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‘Portlandia’ takes cheap shots at the bizarre, stereotypical life in Portland

Colby Leopard

February 7, 2013

After building a following of loyal hipsters through the Independent Film Channel and Netflix, “Portlandia”’s third season is fully underway and is as mockingly beautiful as ever. Starring Fred Armisen, a “Saturday Night Liv...

Crass humor, complex characters make Archer one of the best comedies on television

Asher Elbein

January 31, 2013

If you haven’t heard of “Archer” by now, you’ve been living under a rock. With the hit FX show now starting its fourth season, it’s as good a time as any to give the best spy comedy on television a try. Sterling A...

HBO show creator becoming the voice of a generation

Colby Leopard

January 24, 2013

Turn on some Santigold and prepare to have your mind blown by, you guessed it, reality because “Girls” is back in town. Created and produced by Lena Dunham, the second season of HBO’s “Girls” premiered last Sunday, a...

‘Justified’ offers clever, gripping western drama

Asher Elbein

January 17, 2013

“Justified” doesn’t immediately seem like the best western on television. Indeed, with its modern setting and modest budget, it doesn’t look much like a western at all. But don’t let the trappings fool you — based on...

Disney channel show ‘occupies strange place in realm of current cartoons’

Asher Elbein

December 6, 2012

To call “Gravity Falls” the best animated comedy currently running may sound extreme. It airs, after all, on Disney Channel, not a place known for the richness of its humor. But for those willing to give it a try, they’ll fi...

‘American Horror Story’ often trite

Asher Elbein

November 15, 2012

Sloppy. Deeply self indulgent. Fascinatingly trashy. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s “American Horror Story.” The latest show from “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy has a simple set up. Each season, horrible things happen to a diff...

British humor and intrigue of ‘Doctor Who’ finds attentive audience in U.S.

Asher Elbein

November 1, 2012

Running in one form or another on the BBC for nearly 50 years, “Doctor Who” has recently exploded in popularity, growing from an obscure British sci-fi to one with a significant American audience. It’s not hard to see wh...

“Sherlock” presents brilliant, entertaining take on Doyle’s classic consulting detective

Asher Elbein

October 3, 2012

In an age where the term “remake” is a dirty word, it’s easy to be suspicious of BBC’s “Sherlock.” Set in modern London, the show follows the exploits of the abrasive consulting detective Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cu...

Superman show fails without key concepts from original comics

Asher Elbein

September 13, 2012

Named after the small Midwestern town where Superman grew up, the series Smallville follows Clark Kent on his journey toward becoming the greatest superhero in the world. Seeking to create a grounded and realistic show, the pr...

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