The Crimson White

Students tell tales during Tide Talks

Amanda Sare

November 19, 2014

Tide Talks is set to take on self-inverting global relationships and health stigmas from the student perspective. The event, which is held multiple times over the 
year, features at least one student telling their story. Thi...

Calm before the storm

Kelly Ward

November 13, 2014

Alabama had flatlined. The offense couldn’t get anything going. LSU had taken a 13-10 lead with 50 seconds left after Alabama drained its three timeouts. The Crimson Tide needed a miracle after its second half performance. What it got was as close ...

Pakistani student explains life at UA

Margaret Wilbourne

November 5, 2014

Muhammad Farooq is an international student hailing from Pakistan who is currently pursuing a master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering. Farooq has made the nearly 8,000-mile trek to Tuscaloosa and is now engaged in...

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